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Silicon dioxide of European quality from the manufacturer «ICM».

Eurosil is a high pure nanodispersed amorphous silica obtained by fluoride and ammonium processing of silica-containing raw material.

It is an innovative way of fluorine-ammonium processing of amorphous silicon dioxide - patent № 135465.

For modern industry Eurosil is:

A stabilizing agent
Anti-caking agent
An anti-caking agent
A sorbing agent
A clarifier
A food additive
A thickening agent

It is a valuable and indispensable product for production in the spheres of

Lacquers and paints
Glass and ceramics
Rubber goods
Household chemicals

Eurosil may be applied to address the wide range of issues:

it helps to improve flowability; reduce the tendency to powders caking; transform a substance into dry fluid, suitable for dosing; stabilize viscosity; increase the strength; and modify other properties of substances and articles.

The best quality-to-price ratio of Eurosil is provided by:

innovative technology: the product is ultrapure, has no taste and smell; its production is energy-efficient with no hazardous waste.
efficient logistics: minimum shipping expenses at every stage from a raw material quarry to your factory.
flexibility in developing solutions and direct connection with a customer – a lab, office and company’s factories are located in Ukraine.
the usage of Ukrainian raw material which quality is recognized and is valued worldwide.

Eurosil products

Numeric index in the trademark name means specific surface of the product. A particular Eurosil with optimal combination of properties is applied for different markets and spheres of application. Detailed trademarks specifications.


ICM company

Eurosil is a Ukrainian product of European quality produced by a closed-cycle innovative technology. Eurosil meets world standards by its chemical and physical properties and is in no way inferior to similar products of European and Asian companies.

Manufacturing process of this product differs from previously applied - nowadays this process is the purest and the most efficient in world industry: it is chlorine free and consumes 10 times less energy than competitors. Thus it has become possible to get a substance of consistently high quality free of smells and other admixtures, and it also has become possible for the ICM company to offer to the international market a high-quality and inexpensive competitive product.

Eurosil is the trademark of ICM (Innovative Chemical Materials) company.
ICM is an innovative company producing particular chemical elements.

The developments are approved by
  • Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry – the Ukrainian National Academy of Science
  • O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health - the Ukrainian National Academy of Science
  • M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany - the Ukrainian National Academy of Science
  • Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - National Technical University of Ukraine
  • Institute of Occupational Medicine named after Igor Sikorsky - the Ukrainian National Academy of Medical Sciences

Conclusion of state sanitary-epidemiological expertise

Product conformity